Audio Production


Audio Recording, Audio Engineering , Audio Mastering , Audio Production

Audio is the lifeblood, and the core foundation to any multimedia production. No matter if your producing a standalone single for radio or streaming, or producing a independent film or commercial video, audio will no doubt play an important role in the overall effectivess, acceptance and perception of the event , ad or movie experience. People can tolerate poor quality imagery, lighting and effects for a while... but if you have bad audio... no one will overlook it! People will walk out, or stop watching, or turn the channel. Its imperative when producing audio for movies, music, presentations, live events or the web... that the highest ethical standard be adhered to in all phases of production to ensure crystal-clear sound for the enjoyment of everyone.

Original Music Production and Audio Scores

We bring together over 30 yrs of musicianship, combined with the latest software and hardware technology to produce stunning original audio scores. Our production studio (and staff) is a hodge-podge of analog and digital devices. Synths, drum machines, guitars, sample units, drums, software plugins, digital mixing consoles and condensor mics. A blend of old and new technologies and methodologies. Our experienced session musicians can construct a multi-track demo, a single jingle, or a more elaborate score for movies or video projects.

Other Audio Services....
Audio Restoration  Audio Recording & Editing
Demo Production     Jingle Production
CD/DVD promo kits       CD Mastering 
CD and DVD Duplication     Studio Engineering